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February 2, 2009

Word count for the fairy story sits at 7760, but I started some other fiction writing during the month, so although I hit the 11,111 target for TWE, it was not all for the same story.

There was a bit of dry period for a week or two when I knew how the fairy tale was going to end, but had no idea how to get there.  A bit of messing around with a few options led nowhere until I hit upon the idea of work experience, which will give us a little more insight into the ‘new’ world the main character will be experiencing.

Slow progress…


Party Time

January 13, 2009

The High Fairy

2400 words now, after a clear run last night.  Introduced a new character, the High Fairy, who is in a position not too far off prime minister.  Thanks to a TWE mini-task, I ended up placing the meeting between the MC and this new character at the weekly Fairyday Party, which gave me some scope for filling in some of the detail about fairy life that will be used later in the story.

That’s the set-up part of the story complete; the next chapter puts Nyxie into her new environment, turns her world upside down (or at least her night into day) and is where the fun really starts.  Looking forward to it.

The Night Fairy

January 3, 2009
The Night Fairy

The Night Fairy

Thanks to those of you who voted in the poll I put up on the 1st of January.  I’ve closed it up now and I’ll be doing the fairytale (50% of all votes).

I’ve got a very sketchy outline of the start and end of the story as well as a few of the main characters.  It’s about a night fairy, Nyxie, who longs to see the daylight, but I haven’t got much more structure than that just yet, apart from knowing what the final outcome is.

This Writing Endeavour

December 31, 2008

The year has reached its end and I sit with a finished first draft on my desk that I hadn’t even considered this time 365 days ago. It’s a good feeling. I have printed it out to read through in the new year, making whatever notes and adjustments I deem necessary before letting it out into the “wild” and sharing it for feedback from others. If you’d like to be one of those others, drop me a line or leave a comment here and I’ll add you to the list. My aim is to have it ready by the end of January at the latest.

The story stands on its own quite well, but as I went along it became clear that it was only the first part of this character’s journey. I can envisage this first book as the start of a trilogy, which may well lead to other places – I can think of at least two other stories beyond that point. There are links to some of those in this first story – hopefully some will come to fruition in future books, depending on how this one is received.

The third part of the trilogy is a direct follow-up to the first story, but the second is still fairly open to explore the main character’s new-found ability, possibly even being a collection of short stories set throughout this universe. I’m not entirely sure how it will all fit together and may even need to complete planning on the third book before starting the second. Or….

The Writing Endeavor(sic) is a less stressful offshoot from the NaNos I’ve been involved in over these last two months. The aim is to come out after a year with a range of writing experience working to various different types of target. It starts on the 1st of January, with a 11,111 word count target on a piece of new fiction. I have three possible ideas bubbling away that I could use.

  1. Short story about the ‘Benefits of Hindsight’ main character – this may end up being the basis for either the second book OR simply one short story within the book
  2. Short story about a ‘Benefits of Hindsight’ supporting character – either the MC’s wife, his neighbour (the unexpected mentor character that I mentioned a while ago) or another character – that would be included as part of the book 2 collection
  3. Stand alone short fairy story aimed at children, but with an adult perspective

I have set these choices up as a poll – vote for the one you’d like me to go for!
[UPDATE: Poll now closed – thanks for filling it in!]

All the best to you heading for the new year – 2009.