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February 2, 2009

Word count for the fairy story sits at 7760, but I started some other fiction writing during the month, so although I hit the 11,111 target for TWE, it was not all for the same story.

There was a bit of dry period for a week or two when I knew how the fairy tale was going to end, but had no idea how to get there.  A bit of messing around with a few options led nowhere until I hit upon the idea of work experience, which will give us a little more insight into the ‘new’ world the main character will be experiencing.

Slow progress…


Party Time

January 13, 2009

The High Fairy

2400 words now, after a clear run last night.  Introduced a new character, the High Fairy, who is in a position not too far off prime minister.  Thanks to a TWE mini-task, I ended up placing the meeting between the MC and this new character at the weekly Fairyday Party, which gave me some scope for filling in some of the detail about fairy life that will be used later in the story.

That’s the set-up part of the story complete; the next chapter puts Nyxie into her new environment, turns her world upside down (or at least her night into day) and is where the fun really starts.  Looking forward to it.

A Little Progress

January 4, 2009
Mollusc Farming

Mollusc Farming

Up to 825 words now.  It’s been a lot slower than my NaNo story, partly because I’m taking time to make it readable by children (aiming around the 10 year old level, I think), but still engaging for adults.  As a regular bedtime story reader I’ve come across some books that are aimed squarely at kids without any thought for an adult reading it to a younger child.  If the reader isn’t enjoying it, then it makes it difficult to keep the listener interested.

My MC has a best friend now, a slightly older and certainly wiser fairy, called Talia, which has let me get into writing some dialogue – a reliable way to get to know characters better (it is for me, at least).  In the course of the dialogue there are some little details about the differences between night & day fairies, as well as an insight into some of the roles filled by night fairies (the Tooth Fairy Corps, mollusc farmers and dew painters to name a few).

An encouraging little bit of progress…