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Amazon Breakthrough Novel – Problems!

March 18, 2009

abna_110_v26780496_My NaNoWriMo novel, Benefits of Hindsight has made it through to the quarter finals of the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award (ABNA). Sounds good, but there are 499 other quarter finalists, so the competition is still strong, even though that number has been whittled down from around 10,000 entries.

Unfortunately, there is an substantial annoyance that has cropped up; nobody outside the USA can read the excerpts on So if you live in the US, you can send the link to your friends, family and work colleagues and get them to review and rate the excerpt, but if you’re outside the US? You’re stuffed!

Of course, anybody visiting Amazon in the US can read and comment on the excerpts, so in theory everyone should get the chance to be read. In theory. That idea does rely on people knowing that the competition exists, so I find it amazing that there is NO mention of ABNA on the front page of their site. None. With all the time and money they have invested in setting it up, the infrastructure provided to operate it and the fact that they could gain brownie points by promoting new authors, you might think that they would actually promote the thing.

So, in the absence of their advertising and my ability to read my own excerpt, here is the link to it for those of you in the US. It’s a free download from Amazon, so all it will cost is a few minutes of your time to read – I’d love to hear what you think.

If you’re outside the US, leave a comment with an email address and I’ll send you a copy of the excerpt directly.