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And now, for the rest of the World

March 26, 2009

It appears that Amazon have fixed the downloading problem and now anyone outside the USA can grab a copy of the first 15 pages of the book.

So download away and be sure to leave a short review on the site – every little helps!


This Writing Endeavour

December 31, 2008

The year has reached its end and I sit with a finished first draft on my desk that I hadn’t even considered this time 365 days ago. It’s a good feeling. I have printed it out to read through in the new year, making whatever notes and adjustments I deem necessary before letting it out into the “wild” and sharing it for feedback from others. If you’d like to be one of those others, drop me a line or leave a comment here and I’ll add you to the list. My aim is to have it ready by the end of January at the latest.

The story stands on its own quite well, but as I went along it became clear that it was only the first part of this character’s journey. I can envisage this first book as the start of a trilogy, which may well lead to other places – I can think of at least two other stories beyond that point. There are links to some of those in this first story – hopefully some will come to fruition in future books, depending on how this one is received.

The third part of the trilogy is a direct follow-up to the first story, but the second is still fairly open to explore the main character’s new-found ability, possibly even being a collection of short stories set throughout this universe. I’m not entirely sure how it will all fit together and may even need to complete planning on the third book before starting the second. Or….

The Writing Endeavor(sic) is a less stressful offshoot from the NaNos I’ve been involved in over these last two months. The aim is to come out after a year with a range of writing experience working to various different types of target. It starts on the 1st of January, with a 11,111 word count target on a piece of new fiction. I have three possible ideas bubbling away that I could use.

  1. Short story about the ‘Benefits of Hindsight’ main character – this may end up being the basis for either the second book OR simply one short story within the book
  2. Short story about a ‘Benefits of Hindsight’ supporting character – either the MC’s wife, his neighbour (the unexpected mentor character that I mentioned a while ago) or another character – that would be included as part of the book 2 collection
  3. Stand alone short fairy story aimed at children, but with an adult perspective

I have set these choices up as a poll – vote for the one you’d like me to go for!
[UPDATE: Poll now closed – thanks for filling it in!]

All the best to you heading for the new year – 2009.

First Draft Completed

December 24, 2008

I hit a major milestone last night; the first draft is now complete.  It’s 15,000 words short of the NaNoFiMo target, but I don’t really mind that – for me FiMo was more about finishing it than adding an extra 30k words.  I know there are still some sections that need work – there’s a chase sequence that needs more detail and a few paragraphs to add here and there, but as it stands it does make a complete read.  It all makes sense and has a reasonable flow to it.  I’m sure there’s a whole host of things I can do to tighten it up and improve it, but I’m really pleased to have a full draft to work with now.

Reached the End

December 17, 2008

I have really slowed down over the last week, with very little writing completed until the last few days. I’m not sure if it was due to coming so close to the end of the story or just general exhaustion, but productivity has not been great.

On the other hand, the first run through the novel is finished. Word count is just under 63k, comfortably above the WriMo target, but substantially below the FiMo target. There is at least one section that needs revisited, probably to receive rewriting or at least gap-filling, but the story itself is complete.
I want to do a quick read through, fixing obvious issues, before declaring the first draft complete, at which point I will rest for a few days before diving in to the editing process.

Unexpected Symmetry

December 6, 2008

I’ve almost hit the 60k mark and have my final chapter still to write. That’s not going to take me to the 80k FiMo target, but there is still the epilogue as well as some detail to add to an earlier section of the book that I skipped through at the time I wrote that part.

What I found interesting in my last chapter was that a character from earlier in the book made an unexpected reappearance which saw me through a gap in the story that I had not otherwise thought how to explain within the narrative. It gives the story a bit more symmetry, having met this person at the start of his journey and now as he comes to the end.

Let’s get this thing Finished!

December 1, 2008


The whole NaNoWriMo process worked well for me, but what comes then?  There are a number of items of support built in to the NaNo website which are great, but for those of us who benefited from word targets and deadlines, it would be easy for work to drop off.  I know I have relaxed my work rate since hitting 50k.

Enter NaNoFiMo – more of the same with the goal of getting the NaNo process completed (or at least in a usable first draft).  It’s a bit more open-ended, with people setting their own goals and no built-in gadgets like the official NaNoWriMo site, but the aims are equivalent, so I have signed up to try and write another 30k words.  I reckon that should cover another two chapters and epilogue that I still need to finish, as well as filling in some gaps left earlier in the story.

If that all works out, I should have a story of around 80k words, partly edited and ready for its first foray into the world for criticism and who knows what else?


December 1, 2008

NaNoWriMo08 is over, in the UK at least – still a few frenzied hours available across the Atlantic…

I’ve found the whole experience to be a great way to motivate myself into something that I was beginning to think I would never actually complete.  My nascent novel is close to completion, at the time of NaNo closing it was at 51,697 words and I expect the finished first draft to come in just under the 60k mark.  I’m pretty sure there is some additional detail to be added in a couple of places, particularly a few sections written on days when I really had to force myself to write and ended up with the wordcount and the plot progressed, though not necessarily with an interesting read.  There are almost certainly some plot holes – an inevitable side-effect of a novel which has some pretty specific clues and foreshadowing in place early in the story.  I’m looking forward to revisiting the story and sorting some of these things out to end up with a draft that makes for a (hopefully) compelling read.

I’ll post again when the first draft is complete.