A Little Progress

Mollusc Farming

Mollusc Farming

Up to 825 words now.  It’s been a lot slower than my NaNo story, partly because I’m taking time to make it readable by children (aiming around the 10 year old level, I think), but still engaging for adults.  As a regular bedtime story reader I’ve come across some books that are aimed squarely at kids without any thought for an adult reading it to a younger child.  If the reader isn’t enjoying it, then it makes it difficult to keep the listener interested.

My MC has a best friend now, a slightly older and certainly wiser fairy, called Talia, which has let me get into writing some dialogue – a reliable way to get to know characters better (it is for me, at least).  In the course of the dialogue there are some little details about the differences between night & day fairies, as well as an insight into some of the roles filled by night fairies (the Tooth Fairy Corps, mollusc farmers and dew painters to name a few).

An encouraging little bit of progress…

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3 Comments on “A Little Progress”

  1. Laura K. Says:

    Progress… awesome! I love the name Talia.

  2. borismc Says:

    I have to thank Kelia for pointing me to http://www.behindthename.com for that one – a really useful website! It’s always nice to give at least some characters a name that resonates with their attributes or their role in the story, which both of these do.

    It was also a name I liked from Babylon 5, which sealed the deal.

  3. Laura K. Says:

    That’s really neat! I’ll have to look at that website sometime… Kelia’s a great help to me too when it comes to the technical writing stuff 🙂

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