Reached the End


I have really slowed down over the last week, with very little writing completed until the last few days. I’m not sure if it was due to coming so close to the end of the story or just general exhaustion, but productivity has not been great.

On the other hand, the first run through the novel is finished. Word count is just under 63k, comfortably above the WriMo target, but substantially below the FiMo target. There is at least one section that needs revisited, probably to receive rewriting or at least gap-filling, but the story itself is complete.
I want to do a quick read through, fixing obvious issues, before declaring the first draft complete, at which point I will rest for a few days before diving in to the editing process.

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2 Comments on “Reached the End”

  1. Angela Brett Says:

    Oh, it looks like I found out about NaNoFiMo about 20 days too late… there’s no way I’ll finish my three-short-chapters-which-hope-to-be-a-novel-when-they-grow-up in that time. But it’s good to know that iNaBlahBlahMo doesn’t end on November 30.

    Congratulations on completing the first draft of the first draft, anyway!

  2. borismc Says:

    Thanks, Angela! NaNo was a blast for me – I found out about it 5 days after the start, but it was such a well-timed happening that I just had to go for it, which meant struggling with a higher target until I eventually caught up with my word count. Well worth the extra effort, though.

    It definitely concentrates the mind – recommended for procrastinators like me!

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