NaNoWriMo08 is over, in the UK at least – still a few frenzied hours available across the Atlantic…

I’ve found the whole experience to be a great way to motivate myself into something that I was beginning to think I would never actually complete.  My nascent novel is close to completion, at the time of NaNo closing it was at 51,697 words and I expect the finished first draft to come in just under the 60k mark.  I’m pretty sure there is some additional detail to be added in a couple of places, particularly a few sections written on days when I really had to force myself to write and ended up with the wordcount and the plot progressed, though not necessarily with an interesting read.  There are almost certainly some plot holes – an inevitable side-effect of a novel which has some pretty specific clues and foreshadowing in place early in the story.  I’m looking forward to revisiting the story and sorting some of these things out to end up with a draft that makes for a (hopefully) compelling read.

I’ll post again when the first draft is complete.

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2 Comments on “NaNoNoMore”

  1. Congrats on your NaNo WIN!!! It is an amazing accomplishment…be proud, be ecstatic, get a good night’s sleep!

  2. borismc Says:

    Thanks! There’s still some way to go, but a month ago I never would have thought I would have an almost complete novel written by now. What I really need now is a NaNoEdMo for editing this critter into a final form…

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