NaNo Update

NaNoWriMo Participant

My wordcount is now over 34k (probably around 37k according to the official count) and I’ve just passed what I think is probably my biggest plot hurdle.  Writing a funeral as seen through the eyes of somebody who has lost his true love turned out to be a quickly-flowing, but quite harrowing process.  The whole thing just about wrote itself, but I found myself coming across some unexpected emotions in there that were even more powerful than the sense of loss.

The difficulty I knew would come in following on from the funeral, just as it is difficult to adjust to life after your world has been turned upside-down, how do you write about the slow process of the main character coming to terms with the new status quo without boring the reader?  I’ve now had him take those first faltering, and in his case, alcohol-filled, steps which let the second act of the novel begin.

The next chapter has to deal with a span of three years before the story picks up, so I’m expecting it to be another tricky one to write, with the lead role effectively spending years in an alcoholic haze before the catalyst strikes to set him back on the road to redemption.

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