NaNo Update

participant-120x90-paper.pngThis whole experience is a bit of a blast.  I’m coming up on the 20k mark, still short of my own target of around 24k for today.  Had I started at the beginning of November I should have already hit the halfway mark, 25k, over the weekend.  My overall target is lower than this, but having started later, my daily target is higher than the one I would have set with an earlier start.  I have had a few days where I’ve written over 3000 words, as well as a few where I’ve only had time to slip in another couple of hundred.  Two days in the last week were completely ruled out by being away with work and having guests round, so I’m playing catch-up from them.

In terms of plot I have come to the turning point for the main character, with him almost reached the low point he’ll have to drag himself out of over the rest of the book, and discovered a wonderful new character who wasn’t in the original plan and sneaked in as a device to look after the main character’s dog whilst we was away from home.  This new character has practically written himself, guided by the muse, and he’s going to be back at some point because I think he’s got a great story to tell at some stage.

I think the main thing I have realised so far is that once I have sat myself down with yesterday’s work on the left of my screen and my timeline on the right, I can quickly get into the flow of writing large quantities of narrative, particularly dialogue.  However I’m also finding that it is easier to do so on workdays rather than weekends.  It probably had something to do with the structure weekdays have in comparison to weekends, but it has been easier for me to sit down at the end of the day (or even for half and hour at lunchtime) and write without distraction.  I just need to do a bit more of it!

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