NaNoWriMo08 Ch1 Excerpt

NaNoWriMo Participant

The timeline is about 70% finished and is already making writing easier.  I only wrote about 1200 words today as I was taking a bit of time to fill in some gaps I had left previously before I was completely certain about some plot points, so the numbers may not be great, but I have two chapters completed now which is a pretty good first milestone.

By way of celebration, here’s a little extract of dialogue from chapter one:-

“What do you think?  I’m in London.  Need I go on?”
“You usually do.”
“Thanks for that.  Well, the usual stuff, really.  Dave’s getting moved out into Marketing.”
“Dave Inglis?  Ouch.  That won’t end well.”

We talked about work for about twenty minutes.  Mary worked for the firm for a couple of years, so was familiar with some of the people I was working with, and always delighted in hearing some news that came from outside our little hamlet.

“So I left them to it at that point.  Just couldn’t face a night of executive posturing and drunken networking at the Two Feathers.  My days of giving any sort of a damn about those playground games have long passed,” I finished up.
“You know, I almost miss it when you talk about it all.  You know, the hustle-bustle, the intensity” she responded.
“Yes.  Then you arrive home covered in the grime and the city smells, bloody knackered, grumpy and near brain-dead.  That’s when I come to my senses and think just how lucky we are.”
“I must remember to always come home stinking, then” I joked. “How about your day?”

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