Hitting Target

NaNoWriMo08 ParticipantHaving slept on last night’s progress and had a bit of a think about timelines over this morning’s coffee, the plot has taken a bit of a turn. I now have the full plot written down very briefly from the perspective of the main characters and have started to use this to populate a timeline. This is just a simple OpenOffice spreadsheet with a colour-coded column for each main character and time moving vertically down the page. This should make it easy to insert new events. I have also used coloured fills to show where characters interact which I’m hoping will help me keep everything in a logical order. I’ve filled in a couple of scenes, so still have a bit of work to do on it.

I know now why my character is having blackouts, but it’s not the reason I originally thought, and it does take the story in a completely different direction, although my original synopsis still stands true. The changes have made the whole story not just an interesting plot, but (hopefully) a relatively original character study.

Finally, having done a little bit of a recalculation around my wordcount I have realised that at the current rate of around 2000 words per day I should hit the 50k target at the end of the month, so technically I don’t NEED to play catch-up. However, I have set myself the goal of 3000 words per day in order to give myself a bit of breathing space and the occasional day to take a step back and make sure it all makes sense.

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