NaNoWriMo08 Participant

This is what I’m starting off with.  The “National Novel Writing Month” (NaNoWriMo) is an annual internet event to encourage writers to put pen to paper and write a novel of at least 50,000 words.  The focus is on meeting the deadline for writing; it’s quite okay to edit the finished article, but the word count needs to hit the target to qualify.  Quantity rather than quality is the initial concern, but that can be addressed later on.  It’s an exercise in forcing yourself to write, finding out what works to motivate and inspire and showing that it can be done.

The event runs for the month of November, which means I’ve already missed four days work, but I’ve been mulling various ideas overnight and have come up with something that I think I can make live as a novel.  There’s still a fair bit of planning and working out the finer details, but in essence it is a mystery which may have elements science fiction, depending on how the plot sorts itself out in my head.

The story is about a man who travels regularly between his home on the West Coast of Scotland and his work in Central London and realises that he has been experiencing blackouts on the flights there and back.  Once he comes upon this realisation it becomes apparent that unusual things have been happening in those missing hours which seem to have a link to both his life at home and in the city and could change his life forever.

More details to follow as I work them out and start to actually do some writing.

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2 Comments on “NaNoWriMo08”

  1. Ooh, that’s a fantastic premise! Good luck with it; I’d love to read something like that someday! And, yes, NaNoWriMo is a great opportunity. For a variety of reasons I can’t do it this year, but I wish that I could. Next year!

  2. borismc Says:

    Caryn: Thanks for the words of encouragement. Hopefully all will go well and you WILL be able to read it someday!

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